Shaping the Way We Teach English

Language Analysis

This course includes thorough analysis of the English language, grammar and parts of speech, with an emphasis on form, functions and phonology. The structure and usage of language are examined with careful reference to foreign students and anticipated teaching problems. The trainees are taught how to estimate probable length of teaching time and also a logical teaching order. Contexts are examined with a view to relevancy, usefulness and cultural sensitivity. An overall study of the language skills is emphasized  with particular reference to  listening, understanding, speaking, reading, writing and sub skills within those categories. Different types of lessons are studied; specifically grammar and skills, with the emphasis on their contribution and effectiveness to a balanced syllabus. Much of the grammar is designated independent study followed by supervised testing.


Through  demonstrations,  a  hands-on  approach  to  teaching  techniques  is  emphasized.  These techniques include giving instructions, eliciting, modeling highlighting, checking, correcting, blackboard use, voice projection and manner. Included in this course is an overview of classroom control, cultural awareness and dealing with student problems. Trainees are taught how to use course books effectively, how to plan lessons and syllabi, how to test and use communication activities including games, music, role-play, multimedia resources, etc.

Teaching Practice and critique

This course gives the trainees a chance to make practical use of their theoretical knowledge. Teaching practice is done in groups, one instructor and a class of foreign students. Each trainee is assigned carefully monitored teaching points progressing from 20 minutes in duration to 40 minutes by the end of the course. In order to give trainees as much experience as possible, they are assigned different types of lessons and opportunities to practice teaching with different levels of foreign students. An important part of this course is critiquing; trainees are taught how to critique their own as well as other people’s lessons. The emphasis is on focus and overall relevancy, rather than insignificant details.