General English Courses/ESL

General English Courses/ESL

We apply a selection of different and useful methods in teaching in order to make learning easy for you. The time of our courses are so flexible that you have the option to choose one or some of them, on the basis of your learning goals as regular, semi-intensive, and intensive.

Program Description

Our ESL Courses give you a comprehensive knowledge of the followings: • Day-to-day Dialogues • Functional English • Grammar lessons • Writing in English • Vocabulary & Idioms • Listening • Speaking

We are all committed to provide an academic atmosphere along with disciplined schedule in order to create a memorable and fruitful time for you. The General English Program is based on an integrated skills series for language learning. Our teachers are all ready to create a dynamic class for you.

What makes our courses different?

Learning English at VTTC is a fun and engaging experience for students.
• It is easy to learn
We encourage participation with excellent course materials and professional teachers.
• It is encouraging
We make English unforgettable through multiple exposures to language, numerous opportunities to practice it, and intensive recycling.
• It is unforgettable