• LAS® or License of Advance Standing for Teachers of International English® has been approved to be put to practice as the means of evaluation of the level of certified teachers and a form of distinction.
  • The implementation of LAS® was necessitated to avoid fraud and improper use of the TIELC certification system, thus fostering the just and fair evaluation of graduate credentials.
  LAS® facilitates:
  • Keeping the certified teachers annually evaluated and fit for teaching positions.
  • Tracking of progress and professional growth of the certified teacher.
  • Matching constantly upgrading demands of employers.
  • Qualifying the certified teacher for changing educational standards.
  LAS® is a merit-based document which is a proof of:
  • outstanding skills of the TESOL Certified graduate
  • preparedness to practice the acquired skills of a professional teacher
  • ability to produce high-quality classroom teaching
  • commitment to uphold high standards of TESOL teaching methodology
  • international qualifications of a certified teacher
LAS® is a supplementary document affixed to the TESOL Certificate. Without the certificate LAS® has no validity. TESOL Certificate cannot be substituted by LAS®.